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AfriBeads Cloth Necklace
Not Available

We're so in love with this range of jewellery from AfriBeads! Chunky red beads are paired with a brightly patterned piece of kitenge fabric. The length is adjustable.

Each piece of fabric is slightly different, so to allow you to pick the piece that makes your heart beat fastest we have photographed and put each one up for individual sale.

AfriBeads was founded when a group of Australian families travelled to Uganda to build a house for an orphanage. Appalled by the poverty that they found there, they partnered with a group of women, the Kind Mothers Project, who made paper bead jewellery to sell. In helping the mothers to reach a global market, Afribeads hopes that their children will have the opporunity to be fed, educated and cared for, helping them to work towards a healthy and prosperous society. Each bead has been handmade and painted, making every piece of jewellery completely unique.


Tintsaba Eclipsing Necklace in 'Mother of Pearl'

Kazuri Beads Monsoon Kaleidoscope Bracelet

Red Bead Coil

Copper Wrap Star

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