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Evoke Africa
Please Note: We're not taking orders right now, but we'll be re-launching later in the year
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About Us

Welcome to Evoke Africa and thank you for taking the time to read a bit about us! Evoke Africa is a new business born from a love and appreciation for all things African. What we love the most about African style is its incredible versatility. Like travelling from the bustling city to the calm of the savannah, African design ranges from the most vibrant, bold prints in daring colours and monochrome to the most subtle, earthy neutrals. Evoke Africa stocks a wide range of ethnic and modern hand-made jewellery reflecting the many faces of Africa, so no matter what your personal style you'll be able to find the perfect piece of African jewellery for you.

As a business, our aims are simple; we want to share our passion for unique, hand-made African products with you. We select goods that have been made to an outstanding quality by exceptionally talented artisans who have been paid a fair price for their work. To achieve this we work closely with both wholesalers (who are British Association for Fair Trade Shops and/or World Fair Trade Organisation accredited) and the artisans themselves.

At present we sell beautiful pieces of hand-made jewellery that have been chosen by us to reflect the styles and fashions of the season. In the future we will be expanding our product range to include other accessories and items for the home. We hope that through the sales of our stunning products we can raise the profile of these beautiful African creations and show that there's so much more to Africa than the Big 5, whilst helping to create a sustainable future for these artisans and their communities.

Every day in Britain we buy mass-made product after mass-made product from enormous corporations, as though on auto-pilot. But by making ethical purchases, consumers can achieve so much more than just obtaining the item that they need; they can help to address real imbalances and injustices on local and global scales. In these tough times, fewer of us are able to give to charity, but that doesn't mean that we can't make a difference. Through purchasing fairly traded, ethically produced products, British consumers can still contribute to the improvement of the lives of many.

At Evoke Africa we firmly believe that it is not charity, but rather the opportunity to work for a fair wage, that is the key for building a secure and sustainable future for the people of Africa. We want to support and encourage artisans in their work and ultimately we hope to be in a position to help create new jobs through our business. Of course, we recognise that charity currently plays an essential part in improving (and indeed, saving) the lives of many. Once Evoke Africa is established and able we will be making frequent donations to charitable causes, the details of which will be on our blog. In the meantime we already make personal, monthly donations.

We know that there is an African style to suit everyone, so please make yourself comfortable, browse our website, and let Africa inspire you...

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